VIS-British Council Mentoring Programme’s First Workshop on Academic Writing and Publication

The first workshop of the “VIS-British Council Mentoring Programme: Publishing your research outputs” was held on October 20, 2023, and attracted approximately forty young Vietnamese researchers. This workshop, meticulously designed to enhance mentees’ academic careers, centred on academic writing, research publication, and skill development. The event served as a valuable platform for participants to improve their academic writing and publication skills, and it opened the door to fruitful discussions and mentoring opportunities.

Ms. Gam Tran, representing the British Council, and Professor Huan Nguyen provided an enlightening introduction to the programme. This introduction highlighted the significance of mentoring and the VIS-British Council Mentoring Programme’s dedication to empowering future scholars.

Prof. Viet Dang, an expert in the field, led the workshop through a step-by-step publication process guide. Dr. Vinh Doan then gave a presentation on the dos and don’ts of scientific publishing. Both sessions provided invaluable insights into the publication process, thereby enhancing mentees’ comprehension of the academic world. Associate Professor Tran Yen mesmerised the audience with her knowledge of the complexities of academic paper writing. Her session was a masterclass in writing research papers, providing mentees with a toolkit for producing superior academic work. The highlight of the day was the breakout session led by Assistant Professor QueAnh Dang and an experienced team of VIS mentors. Here, mentees engaged actively with mentors and peers. Each participant was encouraged to bring an abstract of a published or prepared paper to the breakout session, which fostered an environment conducive to in-depth discussions and skill sharing. This interactive format facilitated practical learning and honed the abstract-writing skills of the participants.

Positive feedback and active participation from mentees demonstrate their eagerness to improve their academic prowess and the significance of mentoring in guiding them to success. Numerous mentees have identified the reasons why their papers were repeatedly rejected and now know how to improve them. As participants continue to work on their research projects, publish their findings, and contribute to science, it is anticipated that the event’s influence will extend beyond the workshop itself.

The ‘VIS-British Council Mentoring Programme’ continues to deliver on its commitment to nurturing academic excellence in Vietnam. The workshop series not only provided a valuable platform for academic growth but also offered a much-needed space for young researchers to connect, share their experiences, and seek guidance.

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The presentations’ records

Stay tuned for updates and announcements on our website, as the ‘VIS-British Council Mentoring Programme’ remains dedicated to guiding and supporting the academic journey of young researchers in Vietnam. Incoming workshop will be updated in our social media.

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