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NameAffiliationPositionDisciplinary AreaExpertiseWebsite
Alice NguyenUniversity of the West ScotlandLecturer(CAH17) business and managementMarketing
An NguyenUniversity of OxfordPhD Candidate(CAH11) computingComputer Science, Control and Verification of Autonomous Vehicles, and Intelligent Robotics
An NguyenBournemouth UniversityProfessor(CAH24) media, journalism and communicationsDigital journalism, Science, Health and Data Communication, Development Communication, and Media Audiences
An TranNational Physical LaboratoryResearch Scientist(CAH07) physical sciencesAtomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Time-Frequency Metrology
Anh Ngoc VuNational Centre for Social ResearchResearch Director(CAH15) social sciencesEnvironmental Politics, Climate Change, Just Transition, Sustainability, Civil Society
Anh NguyenUniversity of LiverpoolLecturer(CAH11) computingVision, Learning, and Robotics
Anh PhanNewcastle UniversityProfessor(CAH10) engineering and technologyCircular Chemical Engineering
Bach NguyenUniversity of Exeter Associate Professor(CAH17) business and managementEntrepreneurship, Small Business Economics, Regional Economics, Local Government Policies, Local Informal Institutions
Bao Nguyen TrinhEcrisson IrelandSystem Engineer(CAH10) engineering and technologyNetworking
Binh LeAnglia Ruskin UniversitySenior Lecturer(CAH10) engineering and technologyGeotechnical Engineering
Chau DuongUniversity of East LondonSenior Lecturer(CAH17) business and managementAccounting
Chau VoSpeir Hunter Ltd.Chief Technology Officer(CAH10) engineering and technologyElectronics Engineering
Cuong CaoQueen's University of BelfastSenior Lecturer(CAH07) physical sciencesFood Safety, Micro Plastic Pollution, Micro- and Nanomaterials
Dao Phuong DongCoventry UniversityPhD Candidate(CAH17) business and managementFintech, Blockchain, Digital Finance, Sustainable Finance, Corporate Finance
Doan NguyenUniversity of BoltonLecturer(CAH17) business and managementFinancial Reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance
Duc NguyenUniversity of BristolResearch Associate(CAH10) engineering and technologyAerospace Engineering
Duc-The NgoEvident ScientificEngineer(CAH10) engineering and technologyMaterials Research, Advanced Structural Analysis
Dung NguyenUniversity of OxfordPostdoc Research Fellow(CAH01) medicine and dentistryZoonotic Infections
Duy Linh TranJP Morgan Chase Professional, Industrialist, Entrepreneur(CAH11) computingHuman-Computer Interaction, User Experience
Emily NganLondon South Bank University Senior Lecturer(CAH17) business and managementMarketing, Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Startups
Ha Tran University of OxfordPhD Candidate(CAH15) social sciencesInternational Development
Hai NguyenUniversity of GreenwichAssociate Professor(CAH17) business and managementTourism Management
Hang NguyenUniversity of HuddersfieldSenior Lecturer(CAH17) business and managementEntrepreneuship, Innovation in Business
Hanh PhamUniversity of LeedsAssistant Professor(CAH17) business and managementInternational Business
Hao QuachUniversity of LincolnAssociate Professor(CAH17) business and managementCapital Market
Harry NguyenUniversity College CorkLecturer(CAH11) computingReliable Machine Learning, Mobile AI
Hien Minh LuuCambridge Partnership for EducationProfessional, Industrialist, Entrepreneur(CAH15) social sciencesEducation
Hien PhanUniversity of SurreyPostdoc Research Fellow(CAH10) engineering and technologyTurbomachinery, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Aeroelasticity, Aerodynamics
Hoa Le MinhNorthumbria UniversityAssociate Professor(CAH10) engineering and technologyOptical Communication
Hoang Minh LuongQueen's University of BelfastResearch Fellow(CAH15) social sciencesEconomics of Innovation, Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics
Hoang NguyenUniversity of Wales Trinity Saint DavidLecturer(CAH17) business and managementGovernance, Management, and Strategy
Hong T. M. BuiBirmingham City UniversityProfessor(CAH22) education and teachingBusiness Education
Huan DoanUniversity of BristolEPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow(CAH10) engineering and technologyPorous Materials, Energy Storage, Catalysis, Sustainable Development
Huan NguyenMiddlesex University LondonProfessor(CAH10) engineering and technologyDigital Twin, 5G Enabled Technologies, IoT
Huong HoangUniversity of Exeter Postdoc Research Fellow(CAH22) education and teachingMedical Education
Huy PhanAmazonSenior Research Scientist(CAH11) computingAI in Healthcare
Khoa Xuan LeUniversity of OxfordPostdoc Research Fellow(CAH10) engineering and technologyEnergy, Renewable Integration, Smart Buildings, Cooling/Heating Technologies, Built Environment
Kim Tien LyUniversity of OxfordPhD Candidate(CAH11) computingRobotics
Le Duc TungUniversity College LondonSenior Research Associate(CAH07) physical sciencesNanomaterials
Le-Nam TranUniversity College DublinLecturer(CAH10) engineering and technologyWireless Communication
Lien Le Monkhouse University of Sheffield Lecturer(CAH17) business and managementMarketing
Linh Hoang NguyenDe Montfort UniversitySenior Lecturer(CAH17) business and managementAsset Pricing, Risk Modelling, Portfolio Optimisation and Management
Linh Huyen TruongUniversity of OxfordPhD Candidate(CAH01) medicine and dentistryImmunology, Cancer Biology, and Cell Therapy
Linh NguyenUniversity College LondonLecturer(CAH10) engineering and technologyBiomaterials, Tissue Engineering
Linh NguyenUniversity of St AndrewsLecturer(CAH17) business and managementBanking and Finance
Linh PhamUniversity of CambridgeProfessional, Industrialist, Entrepreneur(CAH17) business and managementBusiness Strategy, Product Management and Entreprenuership
Loc LeUniversity College LondonLecturer(CAH11) computingProgramming Languages and Software Verification
Long Tran-ThanhUniversity of WarwickAssociate Professor(CAH11) computingAI, ML, Game Theory, AI for Social Good, AI for Optimisation
Luong Anh TranCity University of LondonProfessor(CAH17) business and managementCorporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Institutional Investors, and Executive Compensation
Mai Chi VuNorthumbria UniversityLecturer(CAH17) business and managementMindfulness and Workplace Spirituality
Mai Khanh TranLondon South Bank University Lecturer(CAH17) business and managementArts Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Sustainability and Not-for-Profit Marketing
Manh Hong DuongUniversity of BirminghamAssociate Professor(CAH09) mathematical sciencesMathematics
Mi TranNottingham Trent UniversitySenior Lecturer(CAH17) business and managementInternational Business
Minh NguyenRolls-Royce SubmarinesFluid Systems Design(CAH10) engineering and technologyThermo-Fluids and Energy Engineering
Minh-Son PhamImperial College LondonSenior Lecturer(CAH10) engineering and technology3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Aerospace Materials, Advanced Materials, and Fracture Mechanics
Nam NguyenDurham UniversityPostdoc Research Fellow(CAH07) physical sciencesTheoretical Physics
Ngo Thanh DatUniversity of EssexPhD Candidate(CAH11) computingDeep Learning, Acoustic Scene Classification and Detection
Ngoc Son Bui University of Oxford Professor(CAH16) lawConstitutional Law and Comparative Law
Nguyen An KhuongUniversity of BrightonSenior Lecturer(CAH11) computingMachine Learning, AI
Nguyen Tuan DatBrighton Sussex Medical UniversityPaediatrician(CAH01) medicine and dentistryCardiology
Nhien-An Le-KhacUniversity College DublinLecturer/Director(CAH11) computingCybersecurity, AI Security, Digital Forensics, Fraud and Criminal Detection, High Performance Computing, Knowledge Engineering and Secured Smart systems
Phan Thi Van AnhUniversity of SurreyLecturer (CAH10) engineering and technologyChemical Engineering, Molecular Modelling, Physical Chemistry, and Material Science
Phi Anh PhanUniversity of OxfordResearch Fellow(CAH10) engineering and technologyBiomedical Engineering, Medical Devices, Entrepreneurship, Startups
Phong Thanh PhanNHSDoctor(CAH01) medicine and dentistryBiomedical Optics
Phuong Anh (Violet) Nguyen Horizon CDT, University of NottinghamPhD Candidate(CAH10) engineering and technologyHuman Factors, Ergonomics, Intergrated Transport, Data Science
Phuong Anh TranRM CapitalInvestment Analyst(CAH17) business and managementFinancial statement Analysis, Alternative investment, ESG investment, Quantitative Analysis
Phuong DoanT. Rowe Price International Senior Credit Risk Manager(CAH17) business and managementCouterparty risk management
Que Anh DangCoventry UniversityAssistant Professor(CAH22) education and teachingEducation
Quoc Tuan HoUniversity of BristolSenior Lecturer(CAH17) business and managementCapital Market, Investment, Fintech, Valuation, Financial Accounting
Quoc-Tuan VienMiddlesex UniversitySenior Lecturer(CAH10) engineering and technologyTelecommunications
Quynh-Anh VoBank of EnglandSenior Economist(CAH15) social sciencesEconomics of Banking, Prudential Regulations, Financial Stability, Corporate Finance
Sasha NguyenErnst & Young Global LimitedProfessional, Industrialist, Entrepreneur(CAH10) engineering and technologyProduct Design, User Experience Design, Product, Inventor, Innovator,
Son ChuUniversity of GlasgowPostdoc Research Fellow(CAH10) engineering and technologyCoil Design for MRI
Son HoangUniversity of SouthamptonLecturer(CAH11) computingCyber-Physical Systems
Tam NguyenNottingham UniversityAssistant Professor(CAH17) business and managementFinancial reporting, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Finance
Tam Nguyen-CousinsCoventry UniversityFinancial Services Tutor(CAH17) business and managementMarketing, Financial Services, Personal Finance
Thang Nguyen Coventry University Assistant Professor(CAH17) business and managementFintech, Corporate Finance
Thao NguyenNottingham Trent UniversitySenior Lecturer(CAH17) business and managementBank Competition, Efficiency and Risk Management
The Anh HanTeesside University Professor(CAH11) computingBehaviour Modelling, Game Theory, Complex Systems, AI, Multi-Agent Systems, and Evolutionary Biology
The Vinh MaiUniversity College London PhD Candidate(CAH17) business and managementConstruction, Investment, Business History, Infrastructure Management
Thi Thanh Thuy NguyenMaidstone HospitalDoctor(CAH01) medicine and dentistryCardiologist specialised in arrhythmia
ThienSon VuImperial College LondonPhD Candidate(CAH03) biological and sport sciencesSynthetic Biology, RNA Biochemistry, Recombinant Protein, Protein Engineering
Thinh PhamUniversity of BristolPostdoc Research Fellow(CAH11) computingComputer Architecture, Hardware Security, Digital Systems, Cryptography Engineering
Tho PhamUniversity of YorkSenior Lecturer(CAH15) social sciencesApplied Economics, Data science
Thuy-Vy Thi NguyenDurham UniversityAssistant Professor(CAH15) social sciencesPsychology, Motivational Science
Tin DoanUniversity of GreenwichLecturer(CAH17) business and managementHRM, Diversity, Inclusiveness, Hospitality, Tourism
Toan HuynhQueen Mary University of LondonLecturer(CAH17) business and managementApplied Economics, Behavioral Economics, Financial Economics
Trang MaiEvox Therapeutics Ltd.Scientist(CAH03) biological and sport sciencesCell and Gene Therapies
Trang Mai TranUniversity of the West of EnglandLecturer(CAH04) psychologyPsychology and Mental Health
Tri Tri NguyenUniversity of RoehamptonSenior Lecturer(CAH17) business and managementCorporate Finance
Tri-Dung NguyenUniversity of KentProfessor(CAH09) mathematical sciencesOperational Research, Applied Mathematics
Trung Thanh NguyenLiverpool John Moores UniversityProfessor(CAH10) engineering and technologyOperational Research, Smart Cities, Transportation, Maritime
Tuan Anh LeMiddlesex UniversitySenior Lecturer(CAH10) engineering and technologyTelecomunications
Tuan LuongDe Montfort UniversityAssociate Professor(CAH15) social sciencesEconomics
Tuan NguyenUniversity of GreenwichSenior Lecturer(CAH11) computingComputer Vision, Image Processing and Analysis, Machine Learning
Tuan VuongUniversity of GreenwichSenior Lecturer(CAH11) computingSoftware Development, Cybersecurity
Tuyen NguyenKing's College LondonPostdoc Research Fellow(CAH11) computingArtificial Intelligence and Robotics
Van Anh NguyenCranfield UniversityLecturer(CAH10) engineering and technologyAdditive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Material Engineering
Van Anh NguyenUniversity of NorthamptonPostdoc Research Fellow(CAH22) education and teachingApplied Linguistics and TESOL
Van Dung NguyenUniversity of OxfordPostdoc Research Fellow(CAH10) engineering and technologyComputational Solid Mechanics
Van HuynhMazars UK - Dauphine University Senior Management Accountant and Lecturer(CAH17) business and managementAccounting
Viet Anh DangUniversity of ManchesterProfessor(CAH17) business and managementCorporate Finance, Sustainability
Viet Anh VuUniversity of CambridgePhD Candidate(CAH11) computingCybersecurity and Cybercrime
Viet Nguyen-TienLondon School of Economics and Political ScienceResearch Economist(CAH15) social sciencesEnvironmental Economics, Energy Economics, Development Economics, and Innovation Economics
Vu Thi Kim ChiDurham UniversityPhD Candidate(CAH17) business and managementInternational Business, Foreign Entry Mode, Economic Geography, Business Ethics
Vu TrinhNewcastle UniversityLecturer(CAH17) business and managementCEO Leadership, Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance and Banking
Vy Ngoc Khanh TranLondon South Bank UniversityLecturer(CAH17) business and managementAccounting and Finance
Xuan Vinh DoanUniversity of WarwickReader(CAH09) mathematical sciencesOperational Research, Analytics, Optimisation under Uncertainty

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