VIS Coffee Talk: A great launch with Talk #1 and ready for upcoming Talk #2

VIS Coffee Talk has launched very well on 02/03/2023, the first of the online series, with nearly 70 VIS members and guests in attendance. At talk #1, Prof. Xuan Huan Nguyen, VIS Chair, spoke about the rationale behind the launch of the Coffee Talk series. Professor Viet Anh Dang of the University of Manchester, the first speaker, discussed the current issues in climate finance and the potential for future research. Dr Quoc Tuan Ho then gave insights about Fintech and Regtech. Other society news were delivered to audience too. All was within 30 minutes – a short coffee break for many. For more details and recording of Talk #1, click here.

Talk#2 will be held on the third Thursday of March (16th, always at 12:30pm UK time), again hosted by Ms Linh Huyen Truong, featuring speakers:
1) Dr. Minh-Son Pham (Imperial College London)Metal 3D printing: Challenges and Opportunities
2) Dr. Linh Nguyen (University College London)Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering: Inspirations from Nature

For information about all upcoming as well as past VIS Coffee Talk series, please click here.

Don’t forget to register (only need to do once for all the series) and join us biweekly on the first and third Thursdays of each month from 12:30 to 13:00 (UK time). 

Please do get in touch for any of the following:

  • If you want to be added to the attendant list of the series, please fill out the following form: register as an attendee of VIS Coffee Talk series.
  • You volunteer to be a speaker of the series to introduce yourself/your research/expertise: register as a speaker of VIS Coffee Talk series
  • If you have any feedback/comment to improve the series, please leave it here: link for feedback
  • If you have any relevant news (funding calls, opportunities, recruitment, promotion, good news all around, etc) to share on the ‘society announcements’ part of the series, please send us: link to share news

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