VIS Professor Nguyen TK Thanh to deliver a talk at the prestigious Royal Institution

On 24th November 2023, Professor Nguyen TK Thanh, the first Chair of VIS UK & Ireland, will deliver a talk titled “Nanomaterials for future of healthcare” as part the historic Royal Institution’s oldest and most prestigious series of talks (Discourses). Join professor Nguyen TK Thanh as she discusses her innovative research on the design, synthesis, characterisation, and biofunctionalisation of plasmonic and magnetic nanomaterials and their applicability in future healthcare.

The historic lecture theatre at the Royal Institution, designed in 1800, has housed the original Royal Institution lectures and discourses

Since 1825, Discourses of the Royal Institution have allowed audiences to witness major breakthroughs in science. Presenting at the Royal Institution, professor Nguyen TK Thanh will join the ranks of distinguished past speakers including Nobel laureates, Fields medal winners, scientists, authors and artists – all from the cutting-edge of their field.

About Professor Nguyen TK Thanh

Professor Nguyen TK Thanh held the prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship (2005-2014) and is a Professor of Nanomaterials. She is based at UCL Nanomaterials Laboratory, at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, the oldest independent scientific research body in the world and Biophysics Group, Department of Physics and Astronomy. She is currently Vice Dean for Innovation and Enterprise, Maths & Phys. Sci. Faculty, University College London.

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